Saturday, March 27, 2010

Elle Hearts Carly's!

Think of Pita Jungle only hip, a bar only more laid back, and a coffee house only less intimidating... does that make sense? Of course not, but somehow Carly's brings this perfect combination of all the places I love to find myself. A friend of mine suggested trying something new within walking distance of her office. Easy enough, so we walked to the two blocks over to Carly's and were happy with what we found. The girl behind the counter yells out for us to seat ourselves as we walk in the door. Our server was promptly at our table to take drink orders and make recommendations. My number one pet peeve when trying a new restaurant is a server who doesn't really know the menu but our server helped us pick our appetizer which is was not so typical "Spinach/Artichoke" dip. More along the lines of a hummus than an overly creamed dip. My gyro was great but I had a little food envy toward my friend who got the "Pear" with prosciutto, pear, and brie... which will probably my order next time. The service was unbeatable during lunch hour in Phoenix with just the right amount of attention paid and ice tea glasses that were never empty. OH! And I hear they have Saturday brunch with mimosas and bloody mary's... I will be back for that soon and let you know how it goes!

Carly's Bistro
128 East Roosevelt Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
(602) 262-2759

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