Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Elle Hearts Blogging!!

Hello Phoenicians!! My name is Elle and I've been thinking, I love Phoenix! It may have taken me awhile (been living here for nearly 7 years now) but I think if there were more people out here who were showing me all the amazing hidden... and not so hidden... amazing places in the city, I would have known it a long time ago. So here I am, personally spreading the word on all of my favorite places in Phoenix... and on occasion some of the surrounding cities. So coffee houses, farmers markets, restaurants, events, bars and clubs... if I love it, you will hear about it.
My favorite places are hard to find and not commonly known but also include places many of us go to and just love to chat about. I'll let you know about places I've recently stumbled upon, places that are worth waiting in line for, and hopefully places my readers recommend to me. I hope to be posting at least weekly if not more so please keep checking back and please comment what you're thinking!!


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